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Sunshine Coast
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FlyBoard Experience Sunshine Coast

Servicing: Sunshine Coast

Ready to try one of the newest recreational activities out there for your next weekend hangout? The fly boarding experience is not only unique, but it’s a fun way to enjoy warm weather and refreshing water during the spring and summer months. Going out on weekends is always an awesome time to spend away from work, but if you do the same thing week after week it doesn’t matter that you have a day off – it gets boring! Why not try something new so you have some bragging points to take back to the office on Monday morning?

Fly boarding is an activity that works perfectly whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or not. Want to do something memorable and adventurous with the best mates during a Bucks weekend or do you want to celebrate another year of life by participating in an entertaining activity during your birthday excursion? Fly boarding is just the thing for you! It’s a relatively new recreational sport, so many people don’t know much about it – but it’s growing in popularity and is very safe.

How does a fly boarding experience work? The flyboard features an attachable Kevlar hose, which combines with the power of a jet ski to propel the fly board up into the air, allowing you to hover over the water. It’s safe to use and only qualified instructors handle the Jet Ski at all times, ensuring they have control over the water and the thrust that propels the fly board into the air. It might take a few practice tries for you to get the hang of how it works, but that adds to all the fun! Depending on your coordination skills, it only takes a few minutes to learn how to navigate the board.

There is only one requirement that you follow before participating in a fly boarding adventure – you cannot be intoxicated or under the influence of medication while operating the apparatus. Prior to going out on the water, instructors will go over any previous injuries you might have and determine whether or not you will be eligible for using a board. Life jackets and helmets are provided to ensure safety while using the fly board. There is a weight limit of 160 kg and you must be at least 16 years of age to ride!

Depending on what you want to do, there are various packages provided that give you varied time sessions and a range of add-ons. Each package includes a briefing on safety and operations, as well as instruction and practice. Want to add pictures or more time to your session? All you need to do is look at an upgraded package to find one that suits your needs.

If you love water sports or looking for a new form of outdoor recreation, fly boarding is the perfect things for you and the rest of your mates. Get outside and enjoy all the beauty and awesome weather Australia has to offer and celebrate your next event with a memorable excursion!